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Our Studios and Pop-up Spaces provide an affordable, flexible, friendly and safe environment for artists, makers, designers, and other creative practices.  


We know from our ongoing conversations with artists that as well as the physical space a studio provides, being in an environment with other artists and having access to opportunities such as Open Studios, peer networks, and otherways of accessing knowledge sharing and work opportunities are very important. With this in mind, we will strive to make all our studios open busy creative environments where easy access to other artists is built into the design and ethos of how we operate.

Cost is a critical factor for artists, especially in South Wales, and we have continued to keep our studios at the lower end of the affordable studio sector.

Flexibility and clear, simple contracts are also important, as artists' needs change and we are able to help individuals manage that change. We understand that individual artists' and makers needs are varied and within our portfolio of spaces we have a range of different sizes and styles of studio spaces to meet the requirements of most practices.

For more information on renting a studio or pop-up space please contact Studio 40 Neath.

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