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Thursday 19th October - Literature Events

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11.00AM St Davids Church.


Ceri Thomas


Ceri Thomas Will Roberts lecture:  Thomas came to know the Ruabon-born and Neath-based artist during the last decade of his life. First meeting him through the Albany Gallery and Wales Art Fairs in Cardiff he wrote a short piece on him for the Welsh Arts Council’s ‘Art News’ publication in Spring 1992.  Later in the same year, he wrote another short piece on Josef Herman (with whom Roberts had close contact in Ystradgynlais) for 'Art Unit / Uned Celf’ magazine. 

Thomas has visited Will in his Neath home and has also referred to him in the book ‘Twelve/56: 12 Artists in 1956 Wales and beyond’ (co-authored with Barrie Maskell in 2012) and in other publications (including my forthcoming book on David Bell), as well as in my lectures on art in Wales and on Herman and his contemporaries.

Ceri Thomas bio

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4.30PM Neath Rugby Club

Illustrated talk – Phillip Alder.


Art, perception and the ‘inner image’.

By reference to examples Phil Alder considers the implications of how the concept of the ‘inner image’ and when it is used and not used in art can help us understand the artist’s intentions.

He writes:

‘Seeing light is a sensation experienced in the darkness of the brain. This in itself is a stunning thought. A painting is a physical metaphor for an event also experienced in the brain. When you put these two thoughts together all manner of questions open up. This fascinates me and we will try to look at the implications of this questioning by looking at some examples of painting and considering the artist’s possible intentions’.

Phil Alder is a painter who has previously published several criticisms in Wales art magazines and catalogue introductions. Recently he has blogged, through his galleries, essays on the different ways of looking at painting. His career has included lecturing, gallerist and arts management.

Talk lasts 1½hrs and was first delivered at Carmarthenshire Museum in 2022

Illustration. ‘Rock’, Cellulose on paper. Michael Chilton.

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