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Corgis & Coronets' was designed with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in mind, and out of respect for Her Majesty's beloved dogs! 

And at the same time use this theme and exhibition to help a few local animal rescue centres that have been badly affected by the Pandemic and recent puppy farm closures. 

Over 40 artists have have agreed to help and submitted work from all over the UK and even USA, all very different in both technique, style and imagination.

The works feature dogs, cats, horses, birds, and also a pig!  There are delightful wire sculptures of Boxing Hares, and other creatures, and a wonderful, crocheted Corgi, complete with Crown!


They are on display in the spacious gallery at Studio 40 until Sunday June 26th, when the works will be auctioned off by local celebrity Captain Beany. 

All proceeds in excess of the artists reserve price will go to various local animal rescue centres. 

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